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Are you looking for a heating and cooling system that doesn’t compromise living space or the architectural integrity of a home or building?

Small duct heating and cooling systems deliver high performance heating and cooling - without the limitations of traditional heating and cooling systems.

Supplier and Installer for AirSmart in Melbourne.

We proudly supply and install AirSmart small duct systems for maximum heating and cooling performance in properties all over greater Melbourne. Why small duct systems? For starters, installing a small duct system can dramatically reduce your energy bill, often by around 50% compared to traditional systems! Smaller diameter ducting is up to 300% more efficient than large diameter ducting.

Advantages of Small Duct Air Conditioning and Heating

Small duct systems fit where others can’t

AirSmart systems are gaining popularity because they require less space. Many of today’s homes and buildings have flat roofs or limited ceiling space, which makes it difficult or even impossible to install a traditional ducted system, where 500mm ducting can be required. Airsmart ducts can be as small as 7cm in diameter, enabling us to install central heating and cooling in a broader range of architectural layouts.

And they look better! The smaller outlets are aesthetically pleasing…no more massive vents or distracting wall mounted heaters.

Energy efficient and cost-effective

Small duct systems are the most energy efficient systems on the market today.

Their high performance fans reduce running costs by an average of 50% (compared with traditional systems) and smaller diameter ducting is up to 300% more efficient than larger diameter ducting.

Cleaner Air
We often think of air pollution as an “outdoor” issue, but inside a buiding or house the pollutants are usually worse. With AirSmart we can bring in clean air from outside, or even install hospital grade electronic, electrostatic and hepa filters to make the inside of your property a healthier and safer place to be.
Smart climate zoning for optimal performance

With small duct systems, homes and buildings can be divided into separate controllable zones – solving many of the inefficiency problems of conventional systems.

Occupants can have as many thermostat controlled areas as they like, all operating off the one system. With multiple thermostats, occupants can set different temperatures throughout the home or building. Or they can switch off entire areas – saving energy and running costs. And of course, the variable output of the SDS can be adjusted to suit precise requirements - using minimal energy and keeping running costs in check.

All areas can also be set on timers for automatic operation, easily adapted to home automation and Wi-Fi controls

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