Air Conditioning Brunswick: Installation, Repair & Services

Quality and value are what counts when you’re looking for air conditioning systems in Brunswick, Victoria. Because Air conditioning gift cardMelbourne’s weather often reaches the 30s and even 40s, it’s important to not only look for a good price but also the highest quality in professional air conditioning installation.

When you call Oz Air you’ll be able to get a quote & site inspection from a real expert in AC installation & repair, not a floor salesman trying to meet a quota. Our technicians know all the ins and outs of how to provide each customer with the right system for their particular home or business.

Air Conditioning Installation Brunswick

Our air conditioners are very affordable, but the real value comes in selecting the right unit, correct placement for the layout of your home, and careful installation to achieve lower running costs and better longevity of your system.

Split systems are a smart choice because they offer the advantage of heating and cooling in one system, giving you year round temperature control.

Whether you’re looking for a new air conditioning installation or a repair in the Brunswick area, we offer free onsite estimates and quick turnaround times.

Heating & Fireplaces

And for the cooler months, we’re proud to offer Euro Fireplaces: an efficient and stylish step up from traditional fireplaces and wood heaters. Through a process of natural convection, cold air is drawn from the vents at the bottom of the fireplace, heated, and then pushed through the vents at the top to quickly and efficiently heat your home. Cleaner air and better overall heating…you’ll love it!

So call us today and speak to a professional about your heating or air conditioning service, installation, or repair. We’ll offer a premium service at an affordable price!

Buy and install air conditioners today at a great price.

Client Reviews

  • Jenny McCarthy
    Adam was lovely, he arrived on time, the installation process was quick, he made little mess and made great recommendations of where to install the unit. I’m looking forward to having a nice cool home this summer and a baby that can now (fingers crossed) sleep through the night! Very glad we used his team.
    Jenny McCarthy
  • I have been working with Oz Air & Electrical for more than 12 years. Initially for personal home projects but over the past 5 years since beginning my own interior /project management business have been using Oz Air & Electrical for all my quoted jobs. In my business I rely on responsible tradesmen that take pride in their work, from arriving on time to completing all requirements at a high level. Adam and his team are always punctual, offering quality workmanship, professionalism, solutions for different scenarios, and customer service of a very high standard. I would highly recommend their services!
    Mariana Thom
    Project Planner and Interior Designer, Mild Designz